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Why Rent A Custom TurnkeyTrade Show
Exhibit In Los Angeles And Las Vegas

We provide fixed-cost, published, itemized pricing on over 40 customizable exhibit designs

Pre-show Invoicing includes the exhibit, transportation, and labor—no budget-busting surprises.
Published, itemized pricing on exhibit designs lets you become knowledgeable
enough to make educated design and cost decisions.
You’ll look fantastic at your show.

Avoid high initial purchase costs.
The average 20×20 Double Deck purchase cost is nearly $85,000 or more. Increased steel and labor costs have had a big impact on fabrication. Freight and storage costs can easily total $15,000 a year. Show schedules are much tighter than they used to be, so set up is often at 25% straight time, an average of $150 hr to $250 hr. or more for double time. That’s per person with an average two-day setup with four people. After 3-5 years, when you’re ready for a new look, your exhibit is worth pennies on the dollar.

Avoid variable and increasing recurring costs.

One pre-show invoice includes the exhibit, graphics, transportation, labor, and a hefty chunk of show services management. The minimum cost to rent a TurKey Double Deck is about $24,320 for the 2020 deck design EL2020.  The UC2020, is a popular double-deck design in Las Vegas. At $36,840 with full graphics. These costs include transportation to and from the show, set up, and dismantling labor. The maximum cost for our largest Double Deck is about $250,000.

Costs include graphics as well. We provide easy-to-understand graphics callout spec sheets and pre-production proofs for your approval. Once your design is finalized, we will give a photorealistic rendering showing your graphics! We utilize several graphic materials, each ideally suited to the required application.

Fixed Cost Set Up, dismantle, and freight.

Ultimately, you receive discounted labor because that cost is established during the quoting process, even though trade show mandated set-up hours which may or may not be at straight-time hourly rates. This area is one of the largest sources of cost overruns.

What to expect managing a double deck exhibit – Lots of time and money

The cost of the time required of your staff when you manage your exhibit includes doing tasks that require lots of experience. As well, organizing the process is time-consuming. Exhibit Houses typically handle these things, but you are paying to engage a large staff over a long period.

Double Decks often require 4 person set up / $800 hr! When we have arrived at the final design that works best for you, you’ll know the exact dollar cost well before the show. We can intuitively understand your situation; whether you are a novice or a veteran in the trade show industry, we collaborate as if we are your own Trade Show Marketing Department. View additional information about how we work.

Your trade show marketing department – only when you need it

We specialize in renting Double Decks in Las Vegas and other areas. It’s what we do. TurnKey Service means just that. We start with the design process and establish your desired look and functionality. Generally, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be at that point. There are no surprises!

Learn More About Why Renting a Double Deck In Las Vegas Provides So Many Cost Benefits

Back to the basics

In addition to the cost time managing the process for each show, evaluating the cost of renting vs. ownership includes many factors. Key among them is storage and pre-show staging setup at an exhibit house. Generally, your exhibit is set up and taken down four times per show. After that, most exhibit houses bill for pre-show and post-show set-up at their facility to assess repair damages and ensure no surprises at the next show. It’s like setting up and dismantling labor three times for each show. So storage and management between shows can cost a lot of money you save when renting.