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We’ve expanded into Las Vegas!

Turnkey Trade Show Display and Exhibit Rentals, Including Double Decks For Shows In Las Vegas

We’ve been in business since 1999, first focusing on modular and portable displays and then growing to larger, custom exhibit manufacturing. Over the years, we’ve determined that Turnkey Rentals offer the best value to our clients.

We now specialize in two-story exhibits, although we maintain an extensive inventory of displays from 10’ to larger island exhibits. Please visit:

For the full range of our product offerings in all sizes. Double Deck Exhibit Rentals focuses exclusively on two-story double Deck Exhibits In Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Here is a preview of our offerings!

Double Decks

Inline Exhibits

20′ + Island Exhibits

More Information About Our Trade Show Exhibit and Display Offerings

Trade Show Displays In Los Angeles falls under the corporate umbrella of Image Design and Communications, Inc., which was established 25 years ago. Located in the heart of the Burbank Media District, we had access to specialty production products for set designers, providing us with specialty custom products few companies have access to. That became a foundation for Custom Exhibit fabrication, and we grew to a full-service exhibit house. We provided clients with beautiful custom exhibits with professional carpentry and metal fabrication from our wood and metal shop.

During those years, we included custom modular trade show display products in our offerings. These types of components can only be manufactured by trade show product factories specializing in specific exhibit products. We built on the years-long relationships established within the trade show industry. Those contacts provided the foundation of a broad range of products, which includes two-story double decks.

Inline, island booths and two-story trade show Double-Deck Exhibit rentals

The benefits of renting your trade show exhibit

We realized that for some clients, purchasing a very large custom exhibit was an appropriate investment, but for many, the ROI just didn’t measure up. Spending $65,000 – $120,000 on purchasing a custom exhibit used for only 3-5 years didn’t make sense. The myriad of recurring costs for maintenance, storage, and costs from the exhibit house, while ending up with an investment worth pennies on the dollar, was too costly. We turned our focus to renting turnkey custom trade show exhibits. The advantage of renting a custom exhibit is that it provides superior ROI for most companies. Our focus changed to trade show exhibit rentals in Las Vegas! The illustrations and link above will bring you to Image Design Exhibit Rentals to view our full line of custom exhibit rentals. Our full line of two-story double decks are shown on Double Deck Exhibit Rentals.